"Intercapillary Space" was created in 2006 by Edmund Hardy, who assembled a group of contributor-editors with the idea of establishing a rolling poetry zine with an emphasis on criticism and review culture. It has slowly changed since then, publishing more poetry, and, perhaps inevitably, slowing down.

It's currently edited by Michael Peverett.

"Intercapillary Space" is a continually unrolling poetry magazine and press. The magazine combines poetry with critical prose in an attempt to keep on dividing lines in the discourse of poetics through juxtaposition and reflection.

"Intercapillary Space" has also hosted online seminars focused on particular books or authors, and has at times collaborated on multi-media projects, events and online magazines with Veer Press, Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Poetics and also Openned.

To try to run through the incognito of every lived instant in a poem - this in itself is our obscure aim. Without guiding image, without strategy.


For general queries, please email Edmund. Publishers or authors wishing to send books for review please query first.


Updates, news and other assorted sentences from the sublimated trashcan can be followed at Edmund's twitter feed - @intercapillary.

You could also subscribe to our Atom Newsreader Feed.

Our events series Intercapillary Places ran at Parasol Unit in Islington, London, between 2010 and 2013, now replaced by one-off events.


We are particularly interested in essays and book reviews. We will also look at poetry submissions - please email.

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