Ian Davidson


on a grey sea seabirds wait for food

children matured

developed appetites

building is a bottom up process with a
plan and a foundation having taken down
the barrier called home in the air

water boatmen
on the surface
of the lake

fish nosing
the surface

bread cast upon the water

after the impassable border
through the smokeries
and the flat lands
I have spoken to the fish
I have gasped
outside of the sun of dill pickle
the line of vision
and singing deep
into each other’s mouths
and stock still before
nature in front
of the sea I was still as the sea
was calm as the grey sky
folded into the grey sea as
dark posts break the
surface of the sea
sun hitting high on the

to whatever genetic inheritance
I owe my life to the
Forests of Pomerania
the contested borderlands
or a trick of the light

A new collection of Ian Davidson's poetry, As If Only, is forthcoming from Shearsman. Ideas of Space in Contemporary Poetry will be published by Palgrave / Macmillan next year.

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