AnnMarie Eldon

scrubbing up

she laid him out upon her table
and prayed his entrails certain
delusionary depositions salt
trails obsequious tides

he had twitched his navel
a postportentious apothecary's rose
old and seemingly slightly again rose
again and sunk breathing bequeathing

a something a most definite something a
snail's trail bitter yet sweet to swallows' hell
almost any bird with eyes could care to follow
licked shell then the rare kite tricked her swooped

woow picked her love clean from's bones
and the bare of 'im rare trickled a'red
and the bare of 'im
dead centre

derides the scrubbed the grain the suckering sheen
top knife pine index even floorboards unsilted
dermal to dermal alive coos then smiles
and the fatidic bird drops a pace slops

what's left all fibonacchic settling intestines back
where they came from snug their love
ooh antiseptic and all
in the right


corsebleed let’s bush and clam
and crush the damn laugh and
atmosphere couple parts
muddied to married

calendar days

leak wet red ready days
upon wave wave smile
brave public sham
ragtime hooding

bloody days

partistic garden's at the still husband out
the tobe husband out the handouts not
the streated by humility to cometime

monkey days

good cream they're stream
god the laughs we could’ve (had)
eliminated when breated slightest havings
and from the sowing
panty parting out
slowing about

blow monthlies

bream of the streating
the conscious wounders
loveungrown to apologise
are to sort in the same
cast, we cast clouts
shout window open
out unadulterated

red communists week

rebellious as a garden
anythick with parts
corners out-rent
mercing there
calmness love
there shout

hanging season

expand anger at even at hurting
the parts matter angeless
bream of a sooth they're of
and filled we’re not them
we as

paining season

cleak is rare at hight distralia
mudslide red cry
red risiting
red dredsentence
reading now apart and sensible

the thinking part

now grown
not putting it about
the red risting
red dredsentence(s)(s)

the war days
the corsebleeds bushes
and clams
shams we
no part-
icalpate in

house calls and the slattern's self-disparaging emesis

a soul accouchement skin febriculae torque pre-intuitively at
first sight a trismus always slight tremouring as night stars
seen through dusk's unforeseen femerall permitting a brief
bad bad capnomancy then the vagus nerve gone and
breathing never the same again but for years a love that
shook cephalic reasoning tore genetics foreswore silence kept
vision visual until visceral and could no more who could ever
know the river of the long tides a crow grating his
hoarseradish call across the shore its protected piping plover
blowing back a shrill schoolyard whistle in sweet disregard
miles by thousands unbargained for and all forfeited there was
to be a conversion a supination long before the costive tears
bludgeoning forth beneath the fourth station twisting lives
together gathering signs such as wondered upon a wooden
cross engraved with a family name still there dried to greyed
ivory a settlers' graveyard brim full of marble granite and
pocked red sandstone with most graves babies' some dead
before they lived still others dying in the order they were born
dates barely readable ghost years the cholera's claim a
universe trephined away from domestic certainty a nyctalopia
on both parts for parental responsibility semen spilt aeons
across multicoloured dawns she thinks of herself as 'she' a
necrosis of what kept her hardened now brittle how much she
has loved him there is no possible asnosmia within his
lecturing mode his turning her against herself every time
seduction a desquamation of resolve are only slovenly hills
slow easy-wide lanes a half-hour but nothing against the
megrim's advance relieved by her whoring her mouth off each
day checked off produces a slight palpebral apathy feigned
days days relieved by the menarche when she has already
witched him and her faith here always the familiar paresis a
surdity for children's needs a foetal curve which erases no
need ungual tracks upon the softest unreceivables theirs the
same shadow sharing the same asthenia dangerous miles to
have come to numb a forced xerosis an imperceptible lysis
enough to fake normal she pines she beals the present no
sensational novelties simply routine no one died of a broken
heart but always from premeditated error or error or fatal
intrusion bacterial some immunological rationality how absurd
the allocheira shared or imaginary some other woman makes
him laugh now in time she shall say I am wounded walls
plastered a presentable pus slacken their verticals these same
same walls from whereout there is no hope of travel or
release retchback I love you how I love you

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