Daniel Nester

Two Douglas Rothschild Laments

One of his legs are shorter.
He's in The Iliad, I think.
No, that was Martha Quinn. Anyway,

back in the early days of karaoke,
they had sheet music and drum guides
and a girl with a keyboard—And they
made me sing "Afternoon Delight." And
according to Confucious, by which
I mean the teachings of Confucious—
Well anyway, the girl with the keyboard
she says "Those aren't the words"—and I said
I know that. And no, I didn't buy the video—
which means that video is still out there—

To Be Imperfect, To Be

You shun your daughter's
girls then
wrangle mountain-
sides disclaim
fatherless careworn
me and
forget what I just said—
say that's how
all our fathers were, so
forget what I said
everything I'll hail
a cab
pay the eight dollars
my first
step getting home


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