Jeff Harrison


* Daphnis and Chloe, or, You and Yours *

where are the empires, the chattel, and where their chief,
chief also of the proud frown Chronos forgot in astonishment
at Daphnis and Chloe perennially chancing His midnight sweep?

* Those (orbs) who'd work in marble are a worrying class *

high sun in fire, immortal &
storied (resounding fables!),
yet sun's something that
drifting did...
soon... the -

soon the silver lawn, yes,
you too, moon, & soon!

humbled phantasy, blushing to tears,
you see that I allow for spheres


Jeff Harrison's "Fickleyes, Futilears, & William Wormswork" is available from
MAG Press. He has three chapbooks from Writers Forum, Persistencia Press, and Furniture Press. Two e-books can be read at xPress(ed), and one at Blazevox.

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