tamil tigers w/ nostalgia for th floor
tom spiked by th left, shadow cabinet warped
round th shadow mugs' hold Turban Jim
havin a go at negotiatin tradecraft brunch
w/ th complete eastern arm a th mujahadeen
givin thumb to th ass a th assholes in front
of em in line for a ribcage to chat over 'n above
o coordinated bump a th grind's daily hum: white
balaclava puddled in th pee of a pentagon janitor
found plans for a hexagonal face. fluid contracting,
post-9/11 viral surge: if we build it, king com cum.


morse flash: wildcat housing arrangement spells
gimry street resolving to a 4,000-lb megawatt blue
Turban Jim makes approach from th opposite shore
lining retasked aftershocks w/ spics paced along th
dig in britches fence inch'd minutes' will-to-plan
wire drill shldr booms too smoothly down a quickie
eid al-adha before Monitoring (like how critical intimacy's
never aaccess) frequency a baloch's posts a bit a fuse for
th public to see thru rue de paul bremer th first pleas
ignored you in 'nanimous channelling a rag head
omar's dot a nuclear juice bee longs on his fore head.


C-130 Il-76 An-140 Tu-145 Yak-40: pits iran's cock
wrapped up in too many web-cams blowin in over
and over and out again, megaton quill to chafe Turban
Jim's next cruise to jolo for an adderal 'n a primer on
just what'll go wrong. commies chap a new work a lunch
meat brand to drop in on th real estate somewhere deep,
in th relish maybe kid's plastic cell screamin pop should
go on any minute, o click. threw a pass thru th ft lotion
hissin southern bill's original fear of any post-rumble
bubble on to spic out in bottleneck a strike tamps a turkish
blonde whispers: boy, don't ya know what state this is?


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