Lawrence Upton

Pete Kubryk-Townsend
(as part of Viv Rodd Trio), St Ives Jazz Club 12 September 2006

sometimes the bass goes first

and often they diverge

making interesting
detours, elaborating
the bind between
breaking time a
moving innate voice is
dead stop
walking but staying, slap
Styx against banks of muttering listeners

The bass plays back at him.
They go at it. Jigging, on
the spot, on top of the world
near the tip at the end.

Really working at it.
Joy on his face. The bass
impressive. But both naked
in some big ways, descending
each step and scraping off
for joie de vivre’s élan
and getting off on each tune
up a squeezed ascent,
getting now, here, quickly;
getting to knew, how contentedly

Copyright Lawrence Upton © 2006

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