Ladybird Song Translated

This is Kenzo Masaoka's classic cartoon KUMO-TO-CHURIPPU (Spider and Tulip, 1943), and I have translated the sung dialogue below. "Tentomushi" is literally spot or sun insect. The quality of the print is much improved after the opening titles. A lot of the time it's difficult to hear what the Spider sings, so if anyone can get it clearer do email me.

Lady Bird:

Ten ten tentomushi, otento san no ko
[Sun sun ladybird, child of the sun]

Ohano o nazuite "Ohayo san"
[Peering into flowers, "Good morning"]

Happani tomatte "Konnichiwa"
[Jumping on leaves, "Hello"]

Otento san wa takai yo
[Mister Sun is so high]

Ten ten tentomushi chi-i saina
[Sun sun ladybirds are so small]

Otento sam wa ippai-da
[All places are sunny]

Doko nimo kokonimo ippai-da
[Everywhere and here, all over]


Yura yura gin no hammock
[Swing, swing silver hammock]

Dane demo nosete age-masho
[I will invite anyone here]

Ichi ban e niaw dane nose yo?
[Who shall I invite first?]

Yura yura gin no hammock
[Swing, swing silver hammock]

Osora ni Gin no mikazuki san
[Crescent moon appears in the sky]

Yoa sabi sh nai de -inaudible.....?
[No playing late outside......?]

Yura yura gin no hammock
[Swing, swing silver hammock]

Edmund Hardy

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