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It's a walkup on the top floor of a five floor building, and there aren't too many buildings taller than that around here, so it's extremely sunny and gets relatively good air circulation.

Funny, I have pictures of a cow carcass being consumed by crows (Syria) and poem on it.

I wish I had never brought it up in the first place.

Not that that's a problem, I actually like the idea (thus suggesting a reconceptualization)--- I'm just curious.

You are very stupid if you think.

Anyway, let me hear from you again.

Finishing up new manuscript among other things.

I'm sorry to learn that you've run afoul of the number game, which in my opinion is a misguided effort to appear fair ('cause it's certainly not about being fair).

There are also issues of convenience. I'd like to be left alone for a while.


Would there be any difference 'tween visual poem and visual prose?

It's good he's not drinking. I have a similar story.

This sounds terrible and fucked up. Me too. Lemme know.

Am I here giving too much of the sense of agency to the material rather than the writer?

I don't mean to ignore you. It's a dissertation sort of.

We talk now and again, but mainly I talk to his symptoms.

I had thought I might have be the best man, but it turns out I have been designated to be the priest.

She makes plenty of noise, ranging from creaky-door-like squeaks to full-blown screams.

Now, years later, he still isn't nearly the same.

He does one every year, like clockwork.

Can you sneak in? Maybe, but I can't guarantee it.

I hate to cause more complexities for you right now.

I like to think that my sense of humor, however, has actually improved.

Yup, I'm alive, and re-entering society.


Mother fuck. Strikes me as heart of the disagreement.

The idea of spontaneity right now taps me out.

I'll put on some Chubby Checker.

Besides, that was the stupidest fucking rule ever.

Dating is a bad, evil thing.

The criticism "not likely to stand up to repeated reading or listening" is an interesting one that could be made about virtually anything written, depending on the point of view of the reader/listener.

Just don't answer; I'll take care of it. Then again, many such things have happened.

It is a miserable experience us humans put ourselves through in search of companionship.

Thanks for putting a positive spin on the evening.

I was also told I needed to take the red book home and read it over the weekend.

So I don't think the tangents are pointless, though I think your language is sometimes a bit barbed and sarcastic which tends to foment conflict rather than discourse.

Yeah, I'll be sure to get right on that.


Good luck w/your performance.

I'd do it, but I have to go to a wedding on the 15th of September in Manhattan.

Things here are the same, rather depressing and solitary.

Buddha's teeth! Who started it and when?

Ok. Frazzled and fried and on the verge of suicide but I have a printout to send you.

Yet I don't think I'd say that presenting a reading challenge is necessarily bad for literature.

Problems in this area include power outages, computer crashes, hard drive crashes, and vacations.

You sure you can't squeeze the trip in, maybe by car?

I'll be happy to distribute. I was actually thinking about him, yes.

While this gives the pieces a sort of literary pedigree, so to speak, it also sets up formal and rhetorical expectations that the pieces do not meet.

The weird thing was I knew it all, even the audio blind-spots etc.

But where the fuck is he? I really need to talk to him.


Lying low... hibernating in the ice.

Pardon the temper tantrum Friday.

Your poem notes are aggressive, you know.

So, keep me in mind anytime.

Knot awl can be a dress said at once.

Was this supposed to be taken as literally as I took it?

A lot of stress around here lately.

Dropped by a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood tonight and saw on the menu a dish that reminded me of you, "Golonka Poetycki" or "Poet Knuckles," also on the menu: "homemaded guts."

Skeins and strands and clumps and tangles take up their words.

You can work out find/replace functions to do it for you if you're clever.

Etc, etc. Too much going on.

Perhaps perpetually.


That's pretty much all I can think of to say about the topic.

I have read your past notes and have done some thinking about the situation.

I have lost all of the following during the last decade: cultural sensitivity, adaptability, patience, infectious intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm for challenge, good organizational skills, imagination, high energy, and tolerance for hard work.

Wasn't there a sandwich board campaign or something like that?

I will see if I can think of anyone else. Sounds like they're really desperate.

Date is totally negotiable. I wish you the best.

That's pretty soon. I wish you the best.

Damn, I'm sorry to hear that for a number of reasons.

That would be pretty great if you hauled up in front of the hotel with sirens behind you.

Best wishes. So tell me, is it me, or is this request really rude?

All for now. Somewhat inspired by a conversation with you.

I may have gotten a fishbone wedged in my throat, & while it doesn't feel like a looming fatality it's a distinctive corporeal aggravation, uncomfortably agitated by vocalization.

Hey man.


One thing I don't do is try to categorize.

Which is ok if you want to fight.

I hope it's so. Puking journey sounds unappetizing.

I can't tell much from what you write, but it seems like you're not drowning.

May warp somewhat what I'm writing and saying.

Obviously this is my problem and I have to figure it out for myself.

What lurks beneath that calm exterior?

When you get a chance, let me know if it is and how it happened.

I think you probably scared him. Don't worry about it.

Do you know what phuck means?

Someone asked me that once.

That's not the point.


Whatever the reason, I'm very sorry that it happened.

The one that didn't get written.


Looking forward to your arrival and much taunting.

Understand that I will not fall on a sword if I don't get in.


Can send part and you can say stop.

I like that possibility of "inverse" as it gives the possibility of taking away what otherwise is given.

No leads on readings, sorry.

It scans.

It's easier to leave it the way it is, of course, but the priority is to present your work the way you want it to be seen.

Or to shun it.

There are advantages to dampness...the metaphor could give rise to pages of practical reflection.

Got a tool shed in the back of the new house.

Mums the word wyrd werk. What is yours?


The new people will have to make some room for me.

I do believe they felt uncomfortable; this seems in the end a good thang.

They complained a little, but finally said ok.

And I understand... I am at a point where I don't think I could pull off something (or find something) that would be up to par for myself and for you.

This really is a monumental task. Not so much "founding" anything, but perhaps trying to "find" something.

I like the stuff ok, you know, but I have decided to stay away from prose.

If they think about it, the depth of the challenge posed by someone talking is indeed serious and essential.

Wailing of nonvocal companions may prove most agreeable.

Just give me some time. Just trust me, ok?

Things here are better than they were.

Whichever way we decide to go, I'm with you guys.

When the crux time comes I'll be stuck in traffic. I feel old.


What does he do with all of his time? work, cook, fart, act as my self-appointed moral bench mark, as he slices around at that self same bench in hairy sweaty abandonment?

Have their leaves already dried & fallen? Initial conversations about Duchamp's string things.

I do get you, and agree a lot, while still thinking there is a place for senses of space, the page as field, that aren't adornment, but matter.

I am looking into getting photos of both of these so that you may have this for maybe a book cover or something.

Two of my students have had deaths in their families, and I am currently being investigated by the police for this unfortunate coincidence (silly and false).

Thanks again for your great hospitality, conversation, company.

I actually didn't send you any schedule since there isn't any so far.

Good luck with that opinion, you'll need it.

Cheers. I said let's forget this ever happened and move on.


John, I feel like you're arguing with me for the sake of arguing.

But mostly, I'm in agreement with what you say here.

There are various subcultural undergrounds hereabouts, and the nature of undergrounds is to lack publicity.

By all means let me know if you'd rather have it the other way, because it's no problem to change it around.

If so you're so inclined, I'd be interested to hear what you think.

It's a bitch. Always curious as to what happens to people.

You have to use the "& n b s p" tag for the extra spaces, otherwise they are simply ignored.

I went through a one a few years back and I know no matter how good the outcome it is a devastating transition.

I'll take a rain check.

That's fine. More in a week or so on that.

It do be late at this hour, so I must go without having given justice to your interesting muse sings.

But am writing a good bit.

Thanks for the consideration.


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