Territories Desire

If there are territories of desire___and indeed there are Sir, __ but they exist as Outsides not dominated by the signifier dictatorship of the text's Boss__ the one formerly writing under the name God, then we are in them, we fiddle around in the milieu unknowingly. As each of us, is a territory, flake flittering over our own body-without-organs, then we seek what, precisely? A word speaking to a word won't do. A text talking back to another won't do either. Maybe it's just time to do the laundry.

If_____ why say if, how if, when if, who if, whence if__ not if, but becomings over the threshing hold, body-without-organs.
As the egg laid of the formal template dares its opening, unlatching flue, ceaseless line.

Catapult .

Clifford Duffy


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