from Old Sense

Tom White

STORY SO FAR: best friend testing for girls wrists. Infamy! Is he a naked poet or pent up frustrated brave and speak up. Marlene Dicktricks. Marty, the thick cock from under contract gave us a leafy outlook from our upstairs windows. I feel bad. Not sure who to ask, got in touch with impressive determination and, as a result, the trees continue the haphazard denouement. Too much slapping lads on bird curtains. Back in the 1980s, two couples, FRAN and OLLIE and LEO and KATRINE, had the brain responsible for emotion. They broke up earlier this week, and did not meet again until Hoffman blasted down a New York street in high drag. On a hot summer’s day what could be more revitalising than slipping into high street drag ain’t pretty. Infamy! On your knees around spanks in the bath. Hoodies banging on no undies with mums boyfriend in our gang. Wet lips at the swimming baths. What happens when butt naked bang wanking undies spunk until your own cum ciggie on top of a bloke gets my cock hard with the curtains open, shaking my balls and rubbing the only queer in the bath? Filthy fuck fest. Sucking you off in 1992, to pay for the renovation of Windsor Castle. Elizabeth and I first met in the locker room. “You can get some here. That’s the kind of person Elizabeth is. “I couldn’t believe it either,” she whispered before we’d even got onto the second coffee. “Are you alright?” Oh shitting hell. I am actually Satan. Once described as “a garden party with racing tacked on”. Making a start on the garden being bundled over the massage table. Both of you will receive a mini-hamper of jizz, worth £10. After the service, drape it over your lap and masturbate while pretending to watch Mamma Mia! Formal feel of your surroundings. They read that you wanked until you bled. If at first you don’t succeed…try doing it the way everyone told you to do it in the first place. Do they have parking spaces where Elizabeth has gone? Would you let a rancid old troll rim you to have sex with the hottest man you’d ever seen? It’s lovely down there and you could visit. Elizabeth’s coffee has mirrored ceilings and subtle lighting. I started fellating the stripper. Do you have a life tip you’d like to share? If so, beat us, we must be absolved. I watched gay and straight people mixing and, as an artist, wanted an exchange of smut and sexism. I watched a pig on a spit roast. Gay people enter through the ‘back alley’ mixing tasteless porn and unwashed towels. As an artist look forward to solo wanks in the name of capitalism. I watched. At the wake all four found themselves canvassed by shiny material stretching over the lad’s dying wish. It would mean smut and sexism, thought Fran, and raiding the wank bank yet again. But Ollie was owed a few, given that they could never afford to go on holiday. And Fran could yank out the butt plug. “Of course we’ll do it,” they all said. The official reason FOLK had great sex was that Fran wanted to start a family, and the road made this ride his finger. So desperate had Katrine and Leo been to crack walnuts, they had no choice but to become buffed up, despite Leo’s private bitch-mother. I intended to knit 30. Now he had the kid on a bit of arm. My mother helped sew them together. He grinned and windmilled calming balm into the injured area but Danny had other ideas of what he needed to soothe his mounting rage. The young medic’s well developed gloves flew off, which I took to be a yes.


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