Interior Ears

Felicity Roberts & Edmund Hardy

[#] Part 1 (FR)

[#] Part 2 (EH)

"The under delineated Anemall is in the hands of Mr Sneed at the Swan Alehous in Swan yard Ratlifcross. He calls it a Rock Squirel and Says it wass taken Out of the / cranneys of rocks on the coast of Guney. It is of The just Bignes of the Drawing. the whole upper Side is Covered with thin hard Brown Scales. The Tail is Scaled beneth / as well as above haveing on Each Side Scales of a different Shape from the Rest which make the Sides of the Tail appear pectinated like a Saw. above the nose the Sides / of the head and all the under Side to the Tail is covered with short whicte hare racher harsh then Soft, the Nose and feet Resemble those of a Mole, the Fore legs are havey on / thare upper and under Sides to the first Joint the feet have 4 claws and within them a small Rudement of a Toe. The hinder legs on the uper sides are Scaley down to the claws and Each / fut hath fine Duskey claws it hath no exterior Ears. It was very perfect Except the End of the Nose which I beleive was taken out with the carcas. For this was a Skin / stufed" – transcript from a drawing made by George Edwards in 1733 of a tree pangolin

British Museum Reg. No. SL,5261.27

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