Poetry by Colleen Hind

"DP" Intercapillary Selection by Colleen Hind - download as a pdf (283 kb)

06 / 11 / 10

become lucid, become sick
your guy broke
& I am like ∙ the milk on the broom
cities cry and boots empty
I am
the fruit of that capacity.
just kid me, O ballot carapace,
or what could be our bombast,
they are not fit to ring it round :
these idols and kits

10 / 11 / 10

& like foetus kicks
what | could be more Tory
thn Cambridge electing its Lib Dem,
meanwhile ∙ yr town
turning on my heel ∙ & my
masterstroke makes
your bezoar miaow, reaps
He that bent
the bones around your cunt ∙ P.R.
will make it fair

14 / 11 / 10

lo, give us cliff faces
& stories w/ wing-hid backs &
the stink from off our pussies
yay –
me-bait! | we ceded 000,000’s
of acres by treaty | in return for
blankets, meals & trinkets or
have totemic #clinaman mica flakes
softly abound in silk draw-string sacks | b/c ·
limited by storyteller stamina &

01 / 04 / 10

thickens aye boil |
radially the boris
found my causes |
staple their dropsy
grades in
cunnilinguses of
o po po · I
I’m shaved the better to
& slathered in a butter ·
contact my relata

26 / 03 / 10

a pic of a wind turbine
is to me a
furze / key issue, | so.
I want to awaken
as the isomorphic de’il inside it | so
abide a little, O temp,
I have something to
send by thee :
a little shaking red boy
taught metal tapers,

25 / 03 / 09

ik voor mij vind
met bird fancier’s lung
casuist’s fist
all causes
must pass through me first
for the po-po
the po-po who slew
IAN TOMLINSON one April was
shoved by, was shoved by
the po-po who shaved me ∙ &

30 / 04 / 10

evry bollard
defined as
“an interest” ·
in advance of
rat inspectors ·
the vomit-flecked bibs
fitted on the bollards
rolled up & called sporrans ·
ballrooms where you
rot · my untrue love

13 / 05 / 11

& let one jaws
of one worm
sur la cimetière
my jo or
allow one
single rat’s mouth
to twirl · thru what
lies there · shut & shall I fetch us
my plough-share
& shall I

13 / 05 / 12

gathering how hard
in the garden ∙ my
glowing alcohol
drink chewing
a night butterfly
or something
my thoughts swats
like shadows grow
from flowerpots ∙

14 / 05 / 11

(or you could sorrow over
the omens ∙ star-nosed moles
maay now open ∙ immured in maples ∙
I favour : stashed our moans
down our names / now c’mon
exi$t alles lionclaw’d pause inviolable -
else her veil
it always included an astrolabe
b.v. zonder boomen S!eeper Brownie
boven op komen ∙ activate her now) ∙ &

30 / 04 / 10

unlit orders,
turn the car & the key
okay all caps,
London’s to sack to
unsnarl our false all-fours,
ghost hounds
govern a crisp lay-by,
Samantha Cameron is pregnant,
pandemic or snog cones,

13 / 05 / 11

at my | heil heidegger, |
at catastrophe dismay
& devastation | say |
hurrah horizon’s
mascot is actually a mirror, |
ankle-length &
you will need inter · as one
left · your own self
& w/ only flowers · if
even one fouls the grass there

27 / 03 / 11

then a nervous OHM.
my all-fours are golden /
they’re framed / -threes actually
sacking my thrashing gardener
he only has his/Telemachus’s
spermatic cord as cover ·
covers pug violin channel instead
23/7 pug violin
spent out image’s shadow
look him in the head | yes | look –

23 / 10 / 10

locked in this
mad performed town centre
w/ a myxy boris ∙
what a plonker ∙
London’s where Londoners are sent to die
England screws platinum mayors off that
so you haven’t lived
no I was entranced
by my miaow flow echolocation /
mounted protestors / po-po on a lance &

29 / 04 / 11

as w/ panto horse guts
the worse our debt gets
the longer yr house gas is ∙ as
evry civil private unit knows
here’s photos of your family we can stand up in
so then consign kenya to the white again
what leavings | like uk, greece & italy
under negroes risen up place them
& let us at the taxes | the foes & suppers
learn how you really treat f*xes

25 / 03 / 11

opposed without economy
to validity · arrived by rope & / et
a plate of c*untercum
model’s own (?)
& our arms untangle
now ploughs
& drenched ladies
on their pricks alight, (foetus kick subtle
), also honey-roast wood-pigeon angle
at ugh #lacomrades’ throats

24 / 03 / 11

even a fucking atheist can’t deny
all free will is servitude’s weird veil, if
wanti wanti cyaan’ get it
& getti getti no want it
& I am poetry’s Karl Rove
my hex pax
but a permanent realignment in aesthetics
cat clot
time knows :
time longer dan rope | so.

22 / 03 / 11

if you look outside
the environment /
PR functions of UK plc
there is nothing,
quite “puck”,
a great againt,
a void & so shall my shins
ground to cones
fall in coins of grass ∙
Samantha Cameron is for me.

13 / 03 / 11

#shaking | & as covered q.v.
sappers develop
b.v. zonder boomen
my how
steel flaws
fish my face also
peter can move me to tears
prosper ∙ apparition in a moses basket
arrives at the vegetable world | yes

13 / 03 / 12

pale drapes fawn-colour your #prescription | pills
now not period-blood piebalds | / freckles, | yr cock
all is gone &
gone are our friends | you,
in the morning, delicately walk
down along the side of the bed
to dress yr speckled belly with
a slain trophy wife’s wraith
as chemise teddy,
yawning &

14 / 03 / 12

f*ck off c*nt lord
you were my loved
got to get from
out from
under you too on my
death bed it
do some thing worth
to while got about 5 min day
got 3 amazing
grown up kids

05 / 08 / 11

Home that fortress
that its foes repulses
w/ enclosing them
Trolley Bit, / Button
Lift Riding Crop?
my selves pan over to me
where I am pulling your
Samantha Cameron
over a little hill in it.
a little, “Roquefort?” | si

13 / 05 / 11

avec ta rattrap pedal
considerd as rosarian · sur la
cimetière · lips soft
w/ promise swiftly
purulate & let
one jaws of one grub · sanity,
predecessor · godcundliness
a la peristalsis de ta tiny faithless
ankles · albeit resectioned,
fused with milklike data,

30 / 05 / 08

all males shall be hanged
govern thy puking
some bribed sunbeams
bear us a comb
from David’s paws unsnarl his hands
all males shall be hanged
hark to the lute
making good kindling
sign for the glade hounds
govern thy puking

01 / 10 / 11

ah earlywood burl wasps seethe |
a Black Watch’s father our
bay wreaths counterfeits brows ·
who says he wishes
his death was in vain ·
& as emmer is to spelt
yr zephyr embalming
Cy Tolliver pistils it rouses is to
the olive waters misfit vista
whose fragrances it borrows

02 / 10 / 11

ah this innately
attention-grabbing anagnorisis
you Elysian atoll’s bonny lars’s
gobs swill! we have eaten
*ussies that are less
like *ussies than your kisses | lars
you are all him Cameron | are him &
as him, in your condemnation,
#sideme with
war rapes & war famine

28 / 03 / 10

I taught women to puke jaw-bones
our prime minister,
shnipping @ ripe tapers
w/ little grape scissors,
isn’t like so bad :
raise yr
amaranth eyes, O temp,
to the citronella candle
-crowded heavens,

15 / 03 / 08

O temp
type for Jafar and Schmitt
be thyself the needful document ∙
till London’s tall lamps
and her plain trees
are felled with puke
inhale birds’ healing gas ∙
I’ve something to send by you
O temp, stay a little ∙
bollards come up cob

31 / 04 / 10

hello? like salad hovers
O our turbans
& our flat caps
the bang my heart,
than my c*ck has nicknames in paris
more strays stalk rightful
hare sex
we think we’re outside
do we shove the buzzer
do we just bang on

28 / 03 / 10

scout is
blacking out
as flower mask young tories near
ha ∙
yet even free men
could honour you ∙
so get asap enough tea-lights
raise yr
amaranth eyes O temp

10 / 09 / 08

the Bullingdon boys
have inherited some surveillance equipment,
let’s at last
black up a horse ∙
who never let us like shnip shining
taper-tips out as pearls or
“now let’s f*ck in a bath
filled w/ porters or” or
“no now let us make l*ve
under a beautiful waterfall of porters”

29 / 04 / 08

boven op komen,
my name is Fortuna Wrist
.blo.uk I -
my mysogny was generalised preparedness -
I hid long my blood in my blondes - S!eeper Brownie -
boven op komen,
b.v. zonder boomen,
the dead
put please on tip-toe
in poorhouses,

12 / 05 / 11

ay me | intolerant
my pussy & therefore ∙ my music
survives basically on blood
bent bead-by-bead out the skinned
knees of shepherdesses’s
infant predecessors ∙ yet what is
wrong with me?
I smoke cock but I pass pussywet
see cities’s apparitions
in levant & couchant surveillance mosaïques

29 / 02 / 11

I must vanish
to #themoon
all my wants
thereto combine
could man but
come back from his c*m
my norms would all
in one word sum :
on the first day of Ambridge
gripewater on brushfire strewn steams

15 / 03 / 11

O temp
type for Jafar and Schmitt
be thyself the needful document ∙
till London’s tall lamps
and her plain trees
are felled with puke
inhale birds’ healing gas ∙
I’ve something to send by you
O temp, stay a little ∙
bollards come up cob

09 / 10 / 11

& in certain futuristic towns
tories will be weighed not counted
shortly you loosen your reins
on #quitethe wrong horse
how fortunate it was
we never were charged
for the block of veins
I will box up my pretty dresses
tippex we shit side-saddle sam
prepares us to alight in c*m

03 / 10 / 11

+ angle, pied-beautiful, to be
sodomized, | milk-white
in shadows | ROF- |
bukake in cond*ms dandles
nor can dapplings
remain milk-white so,
but temples came together to
spitters, zaaiers, ploegers
fold this eggnog sick pure |
bukake, Laclau, #themoon,

28 / 11 / 10

imf · like an infant will take
in a curiously human gesture
a hem to her neck
like a lead · calculate
our debt
against our exports ·
face your false decision
static in pussies · like
spritzed blood · spurted burning
over jews in ecstasy &

29 / 09 / 11

privy to acatalectic · senior-
-level conversations wi yr
sore cloaca already & as
our performi · ah like
my | almond-coloured lar · him
with the whine spreads adulterous
sails from your perfuméd light
summer jacket, I · spread family men
jewish in barracks · pick at ni*****

13 / 05 / 11

& as the court hocks
on the jew it counts | George
Osborne | emoticon coalition |
soaks frail cloth
embroidered with gloaming fat for | or else
exfoliation horizon twinkles &
“condom” an Esperanto swearword, | childlike · as
in > that’s no condom, my cock but moults
& sentience for spam & tinnitus |
cry by us | for votes for tory mps

30 / 09 / 11

shld · thank him
he prefers to voyage
on my knapsack
& convalesce in his box
autonomous he flicks
evidential easterlies
observe his beauty
on my palm his jaws
show like a pox

04 / 04 / 11

la hobyar habits elles á | body
double fragrances it borrow
in yr atria beat
a blond white milk dapple
bedebit my bed | o muse non
non | got off rapist you | triumvirate |
tides / blokes rspv &
I kept him company to his
bollard in the wilderness
& sing, interest | empty la

04 / 04 / 10

who could I be
calling at this hour? I fasten David
yr brow to my stern ·
make sail for
not part of China
but down that way
else let cherubs scatter
tillers like
sackful of scales

04 / 05 / 11

w/ yr flid
poking out yr aunt
the panto horses
in the panto horses’s panto
horse etc. w/ his · forked mouth
w/ a perfect spark hovered ·
nor yr gargoyle
for a tantrum of roses
lazed her gatling about
its patchwork flanks ·
can’t be arsed

04 / 05 / 10

& #unlikeLabour
& #bedswordfathers
Cameron’s someone
you can get in commodity form
/ or normal form ·
in chainmail
or in #specialcontextarmour ·
i.e. contrails of motion
lines in corn mirrored in
skies of tesselating coin,

01 / 05 / 11

an ankle, albeit intact ·
restless thou rove thru
#brushfire of rosebushes ·
check this out
love is not
to sing out, human.
leave that for lovers ·
love is to blow with whispers
amen-allocated #clinamen
in the pastoral transhuman

03 / 05 / 10

am I the only one who thinks
gdp official aid
chinese democracy
gender equality
pandemic solidarity
lyric poetry after shoreditch
climate chaos
this is just to say
I pissed in the cherries in the icebox
forgive me

05 / 09 / 11

affect, inclination & passion
predecessors all swaddled
into sweet triptych
poltergeists · grind gold
ou roasted pigeons
will fly to the ni*gers
lib dems & thieves ·
& on fingers carrying out chores
wind white flowers · or warm
itty zombies will coo you from kerchiefs

31 / 04 / 11

as like barbarians | a tantrum of roses / or
troy MP suffrage | est-que ek the only one who | /
lyric systemic | stipulative Epic |
posiTIvist dialectic | diaLECtic managEMEnt style
hardens evry hole
& evry cock in the barracks
& as if la bathos app”, | / liver stipple & dying friend
& as if cognitive biasES countervail,
hIstoric DaMage? ou is | no
macaronic code-switch coulD |
poxies, damask syntax, sisterhood


50 poems from “DP” by Colleen Hind. Some of these have appeared in The Cambridge Reading Series pamphlets, Scree, Openned TV, & Sad Press / Everyone’s Cup of Tea, & as a getaway magic carpet from Punch Press. Some are with JK or PR, and some are dedicated to PR, SW, BJ, SW, SB, PM, DC, GO, NC & VC.

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