Rhys Trimble's mynydd

This would make an opulent Xmas gift for a poetry-loving pal, only about 30 pages but in a large 21.6 × 27.9 format, so that looking at it is half-way between reading poetry and leafing through an artbook.

The poetry within is like this (though I frankly admit that I selected this particular passage because it was relatively easy to quote; most of the poetry roves widely over those big pages).

     cake feeder-ulate
               deleuze stickless o o
                           plasticbag marking: wings

Saxifraga stellaris

Starry Saxifrage anthers toothed in sometimes wet stony places flushes acid
Nevis (1347m) elsewhere Labrador ...

brunette completion of
disgust on weatherbeat/ OTR
face becomes dropshadow
that is expedience whence
my slowing of wings
effervescent in water
bits that drop from
waterfeeder mouth
cake & 84 years down
hill. hard, he says.
hard. (31)

Of course the recurrent, slightly skewed, botanical descriptions of Welsh alpines attracted my attention (mynydd = mountain). But these descriptions, and the Welsh language elements, are only two of the tubes of pigment that squirtingly compose this airy, rather joyous, funny and romantic and open-ended forcefield.

This is Boiled String Poetry Chapbook #3, which is part of the impressive range of Hafan Books, which in turn means that your purchase supports refugee charities, primarily Swansea Bay Asylum Seekers Support Group (www.swanseabassgroup.org).


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