TIM ALLEN: from Default Soul

as if the minerals were mortally wounded
as if the minerals could mortally sin
the whitest of mushrooms in a stiff black fit
i could fry an egg on your hot thigh my love

denial of mirrors denial of Jungian glaziers
tried to explain my aim was asymmetric symmetry
the commands were cryptic snores
hush-hush despair of laughing fingerprints

let me buy you a drink and slap your back
sparking rust reminder of jealousy’s glints
cheap fatigue screws the source
magician’s handcuffs chomp at the dawn bit

banished songs exiled calendars close call
trying to close the box of theatrical horrors
on the roof a pubescent horse floods
starved frog springs from microscopic fog

ultra neutral vasts of natural furtiveness
your fingertips iceberg heavy
the interview went as well as the interval
anarchist so softly spoken in the violent cell

tedious insult notion rubber necked weir pool
practise in the hidden environment
climate change under the cheerleader’s skirt
creatures of the wood march around torched fields

unearthed paradise squats in estranged circus
rescued maiden re-heats her rescued dinner
vigilante worms roam the next village
cache of labels kick-start trick of silken light

armoured lithe embarrassed tradition
subcutaneous tiptoe prototype patrol
i’ll be ok i’ll get a job in the little hardware shop
pinch me before i fade away into a science

start with plastic crystals of petrol and sherbet
oyster among us ghetto of stained sirens
i’ll be alright now the birds have come back
that’s me living under the upturned bucket

sponge the eons from stargazing accountancy
flushed renovation of eyes’ falsified accounts
burnt fluid suspended from trampoline lush
footballer sucked deep into his inner self

inarticulate impersonation evicted from mug
went out back to hear what the birds see
he found his inner self but he lost his seat
the inhaler fell out of the misnomer ledger

sombre reveille surveillance smash
sad carcass of a mouth climbs into shopping trolley
chassis brains tissue-wrapped cash
nudge vacuum fudge from the starry sluice

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