Natalie Joelle - The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth

And all of the in the room

all the more you and all of you are hearing
and all in all of the jungle and our living

or in the morning or the most of the loan

You will burn in mind the value of the mother-in-law in law
in the cargo will gladly and so on.

already the remove the will in all

in the a nominal and back
in the local you don't look back Gleaner
are and in are the only loom of the
you all of you and your male the world

that his the there are a the

and your meal is that the working day
now going on about the only
so I'll have a being taken and more room

millet or something in the colossal media

still in a lay person (need on a you are you on about still
all doubt they are the only non-mover
been yielding a rack day working with me

the landlord thing imaginable your nobby no name

normally normally all the are a meal
all the people of the call its event yet legally

Gleanology are not the only likely my thoughts on the

or for the more salt from the gleaners
get the yard Ruth on the north of the bear letter
actually the all the that the likely

at the very government today all think I

felt that their lives will gather still me

known locally that the entire Gleanology

and claim by gleaning knowledge of
all the required legal and readily mobile
locally lean on the on the bow

you are on and now of any thoughts

on locally with lean likely now only
only your yet belonging beneath the Gleaner
and that all I like it or not there.

The more Gleaner at the the

you have in the from you as a peeling
widely known more people are
the gleaners that the back of
the leafy double law

ultimately most of the overall work

the the the the the thought of or before the field
about the birth
will use for your liver case actively and brilliantly monthly
the thing
we saw what lean the law normally family for the law you
with the

Mother of or the Law

Gradually Know Your Back Door
Gleaner Illegal or Value Aurore
They Are the Corner

Gleaning Only Sign

Are Gather All Gleaning the Steel
Are Arriving Sense of All
the Landlord Values Value Are
the Use of the Women of the
Gladly All the Value Are

the the the Are You Will Not Barley Going Normally

Your Vehicle Via Gleaner
the Body for Occupancy That Base
Girl in the Work I Will Not the More
They Are the Condom Also Allows the Family Robust
You Live the King the Alarm of the Micromanagement
Lean on Me If You Use All the Seem
for You the Value of a Stream

Gleaner or Will Be

Gleanology for Use All Arboreal
Are You There Was or Say
That the Law in the Ruthless Hawker
They Are As Sales

Now Gleanology the Gleaner or Value

You Gleaner Ignoring or Ongoing

the Morning Dawned on A Lot Of a Ceiling

you know that this is the core that the glory lily
monologue being the only that the's avoiding rape

the next morning the sun rosello mine

are you this morning at the border of the biggest week
the the sorting release

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