Tom Raworth


now the pink stripes, the books, the clothes you wear
in the eaves of houses I ask whose land it is

an orange the size of a melon rolling slowly across the field
where I sit at the centre in an upright coffin of five panes of

there is no air            the sun shines
and under me you've planted a quick growing cactus

(Tom Raworth, who died on 8 February, 2017.)

Tom Clark

Laurie Duggan

S. J. Fowler

John Harvey

Pierre Joris

Jacques Roubaudà-tom-raworth-par-jacques-roubaud.html

Robert Sheppard

The PennSound treasury of Raworth readings and recordings:

Recommended: Amazon's Look Inside! the As When Carcanet Selection chosen by Miles Champion; includes most of a biographical introduction and some of the well-known early poems:

Recommended: Marjorie Perloff, Charles Bernstein, and Michael S. Hennessey talk with Al Filreis about Tom Raworth's poem "Errory"

Collage by Tom Raworth

[Image source: . It's in the William Fuller Collection, Chicago.]


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