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Geraldine Monk Celebration (Part I)

[#] New poems by Geraldine Monk

[#] "A Nocturnall": Donne, Monk, Josipovici

[#] En ma Fin gît mon Commencement - Three Geraldine Monk pamphlets reviewed

[#] Geraldine Monk Hyper-Link Chrestomathy


[#] Five poems by Peter Manson

[#] A poem by Rupert Loydell


Giles Goodland:
[#] Caleb Whitefoord: The Cross Reading, a Modernist Poetry Avant la Garde


[#] Barbara Guest, The Red Gaze
reviewed by Melissa Flores-Bórquez

[#] Carol Watts, brass, running
reviewed by Edmund Hardy

[#] Tua Forsström, I Studied Once at a Wonderful Faculty
reviewed by Michael Peverett

Capsule Essays

[#] Aristotle's Styles: On Colour

[#] Lorine Niedecker, "There's a better shine"

[#] Muriel Rukeyser, "Islands"


[#] Douglas Oliver Blog Symposium / [#] Shearsman 67 & 68 & books to look forward to /
[#] "The Internal of a Bee": Lyric Archive / [#] Hyper-Link Chrestomathies Updated

[painting: Hans Hofmann, "Hearld", 1963]

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