from Tenderly

Stephen Vincent

Tenderly #50

An iris is not the mention of butter

What melts asparagus in a spiral

The tips do not learn to flame

What did she mean when she said reave

A reaving we will go rich into

Into the mountain a forest burnt down

On one side, not on the other

Philosophical principles rest on diversion

Difference and the contrary rose one finds

In flame on the end of whose nose or was it

The hose is not a Biblical metaphor, a hose

Post-dates the Ten Commandments: Thou shall

Account, weep, take the surgical as torment

With fortune, cure. One used to love lilacs

In a poem - blue ones, white ones - that western

Nothing to deal with in the long row to the far horizon

The one with the bright, orange burnt edge. How she

Cannot get over him or the converse. What sails south

Renders a curious love, sometimes sensational,

A rounding to a rondo way beyond

Some say a signature in music

Some say the gingerbread, the curious inset

To roof, the house, architecture, stable

Beyond the, she had such a delicate

Come and touch me exquisite: no one, nor I

Can ever forget her open, tongue bursting, little mouth.

Tenderly #51


Carrots cure no custom here.


What river rose lacquered a slender section

What is little, thick, a lather.


What does the rose petal purify? At the

Margin, egg white.

Tender #52

To reject conversation, to reject consolation, to

Eliminate agony. To not be either direct or formalist

To reave content, the thumbprint on the assassin's lapel

To be taken to the cleaner, to be bagged there, a pink chip

Numbered on the shoulder, a white shirt crumpled:

To disappear from the body of the not so near dead.

Tenderly #53

Swallowed into migration, swallowed by shear nastiness

Pulled by a set of invisible hands, the shadow of shears:

What puzzles melancholy, the site of a cafe called NOTHING

To be bitter and mistakenly blow your nose, shake cocaine

On the rear-end, call it a prayer. The diesel engine

In the driveway promises a darkened: it is

Not necessary to say what is darkened, Melville was darkened.

Tenderly #34

Kiss aspersion on the nose.

Tenderly #44

A corner and a width, an egg yolk burning:

What rents bears forth a white shell

An orange fog burnt at the edge. A wedge

Is not an entry. Do not look for a pearl

Inside the mustard. Pepper is what

Sweeps the heart. To be open is to be rent:

What shines in the white Iris will gather

The black ball rotates on the horizon

Swing low, sweet. Multiple and occupied:

Disappear. Reappear. Today on the cheekbone

An extraordinary sun goes: shining, burning, disparate.


Stephen Vincent's most recent publications are Sleeping With Sappho (Faux), and Triggers (Shearsman). The Tenderly series continues to unfold at his blog.

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