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"Due to retraction of tissue toward the intercapillary space the fold is thinning."

Frances Presley: Interview and Poem

[#] An Interview With Frances Presley

[#] Creswell Crags


Carol Watts
[#] from Dogtown

Josh Stanley
[#] "It is a persistent floatation on the glass, the conflict there"
     "The exchange of temperature unfelt bent blades of grass"

[#] from Please Eat Yourself

heidi arnold
[#] Red Checks

John Latta
[#] Landskip And Fit

Lawrence Upton
[#] oscillation

Tim Allen
[#] from The Failure of Myth

Tom Lowenstein
[#] At Uqpik's Cabin

Jeff Harrison
[#] * Daphnis and Chloe, or, You and Yours *
     * Those (orbs) who'd work in marble are a worrying class *

Peter Hughes: Berlioz

[#] Part One

Essay Review

Melissa Flores-Bórquez toils in the Sabine fields to bring back a report on 35 contemporary poets' Horace translations:
[#] Horace, The Odes (edited by J. D. McClatchy)

Book Reviews

[#] Bruce Andrews, Designated Heartbeat

[#] Jean 'Binta' Breeze, The Fifth Figure

[#] Ian Davidson, No Way Back

[#] Ken Edwards, eight + six

[#] Barbara Guest, Forces of Imagination & a reading of Guest's 'Bandusia'

[#] David Jaffin, Dream Flow

[#] Kenneth Koch, The Collected Fiction

[#] Alice Notley, From The Beginning

[#] Chaesam Pak, Enough to Say It's Far

[#] Francesco Petrarca, My Secret Book

[#] Jessica Smith, Organic Furniture Cellar

Plus A Short Essay

[#] Edmund Hardy: Rembrandt As Landscape Artist

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