Three Poems by Giles Goodland

Dead Capital

Coal to the flames. It is a hot place to work, and beyond the discomfort, there is lethal

reproach by a father figure who returned from the world of the dead is a recurring theme in Wei's dreams

their particular plan has no fatal flaws. These entrepreneurs ignore the need to test the plan's soundness

let the imperialists stop pretending that by killing Africans they are contending with the Soviet

cadres said that if before on the anniversary of the ancestors' deaths a family served ten trays of food, now

flying over our roofs. You should have seen him, black as death. Did I imagine what he was carrying?

his attitude made the gang more angry. He died uncleared of false charges after suffering repeated criticisms at

blankness, the loss of imagery in contemplating an instant transition from life to death: when the blood

lies there as dead capital. Just how much of the national income is immobilised through that kind of work? [sentence omitted

did not order the killing of my comrade in arms and friend,' insisted Burkina Faso's new strongman

nudges out heart disease, cancer and accidents as the No. 1 cause of death among young blacks

whether the Cat survives or is killed by poison gas hinges partly on whether an outside observer

pervades the narrative but it is never directly mentioned. Kis reconstructs the tensions and horror of

an investigation that tallied burial sites, mortuaries, hospital records, and interviews with officials

where the Dead will be in the next millennium.' To that end, his company sought animation that could 'get

synonymous with sex. The tourists love it and it pays the mortgage,' said the owner of a recently

experienced brain death. The recipient, a 53-year-old male was on dialysis

none told me the kidneys were from condemned prisoners. All said they were from patients of brain death

and erased yin's signature from under the couplet. yin insisted on his authorship until he died of illness

killers have had their handwriting turned into a set of 11 computer typefaces, which he calls the Killer Fonts

if you want to chuckle, you just say 'kill kill.' Even when you smile soundlessly, Koreans believe you make the sound

as a kill fluid because it is less dense and is considered to be a non-foreigner formation fluid

as we began evasive manoeuvres to get out of the kill zone. I looked up and saw

the future tense of the verb 'to be' is a negation, however limited, of mortality. Even as every use of an if sentence

of old tombs called 'city of the dead'. But almost all of Cairo is a city of the dead—of dead capital

the cemetery represents social and cultural continuity between those who were living and

within hours after mating leads to fetal malformation and death

even when clients are expressing extreme emotions of grief, fear, or sadness

a cross-section of the city is in mortal peril in a fortress of capital.

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Sleeping Capital

Wake up, become more human and susceptible

it's the dream of the American wasteland that disturbs so many sleepers

temperature rise across each catalyst bed vs. time, which is a direct measure of

mice and cockroaches said to scamper nightly through the corridors of power

by nightfall the place was bursting with paintings, graphics, photographs, and throngs

could be made to lie down together; and this gift for collage, for verbal bricolage played

despite frequent late-night calls on the untappable secure phone next to his bed

performance of Slumberland deteriorated sharply towards the end of the year as

a sleeping capital goods sector is limiting the recovery capability of the nickel industry

criminals are 'put to sleep' in a kind of anesthesia that assures no one will be pained

put sleeping pills in bowls of ice cream and told them it was candy and vitamins

in addition to the comfort sleep products and natural fill mattress pads

a secret code known only to Johns and his closest friends was said to be embedded in

the evening news. In the face of an industry slump, an oil company restructures

remember the last time she slept more than three hours at a stretch and never knows

introspection, but during unguarded sleep, she was subject to the full force of her terrible

sleepy financial markets are waking up. Third-world governments are freeing interest rates, fostering

the 3,000 people who sleep on London's streets every night, some of them

down the hall to her room—a nighttime bedroom with an artificial fall of moonlight on the

elementary school. Her stepfather gave her sleeping pills so he could sexually abuse her

does not lie dormant, as most Scientists thought, but multiplies in vast numbers

moulding intractable bone into fluidity, flooding every dormant cell

thinking: 'Given some support and love, eventually they'll want to sleep with me

the novel hypnotic agent is available in capsule formulation. Marketing approval was granted to

D-Snore which will give you your money back if you do not stop snoring the first night

employees lay dormant for much of the 1980s, although its underlying challenge continued

providing a clean and safe place for hundreds of impoverished travellers to lay their sleeping bags

in the November issue of Sleep, a peer-reviewed publication of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies

it is not long before the commuter, evening newspaper in hand, lets his eyelids close

a person is alone and at nighttime, it steals the soul by incorporating parts of the body

the dead skin that falls off the bodies of humans and animals and other organic matter.

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Symbolic Capital

I got cancer two years ago and now I'm very sorry that I ever used that kind of disease metaphor

creating disproportionate balances in the relations between the bones and the flesh? Why is capital construction

his foremost opponent, countered that the symbolic meaning of a building evolves

such usual signifiers of emotion as the head. This predicted the fragmentation of later modernist

to create visual aids like organization charts, flow diagrams and

printed-circuit boards. And with its skirt panel pushed aside, you get a view of its source

to symbolize the agency's decline in status, electricity is still supplied by bulky yellow

representatives of the working class, co-operatist peasantry, activists of mass and public organisations

represented the syllable pa; the second part, although it had been seen elsewhere, had

shamanistic transformations. The hangings, signed with Inuit syllabics, range from $72

a window manager can display in the icon. The program sets this to be the string it is

up to 500 data pairs (observations) and ten variables graphed simultaneously

until the user selects a symbol in the map. If there is an application that provides

the relationship between her illness and her art, I have attempted to avoid the perspective of

a fat woman and her child, and an inner child pendant, symbolizing the inner child

iconify Think Reference itself when unneeded by double-clicking on the Thinker

in a seamless merging of metaphor and politics; his is a guerrilla battle fought at the level of

his face, hair, voice, smiles, barks and warnings have assumed the status of TV

metaphors of 'virgin' forests penetrated by white male explorers would suggest

the smooth, continuous, ununified space of older representational art is not appropriate to

send the receiver's response back to the source, a metaphor for marketing (see Figure

the affect-laden alternative (i.e., chocolate cake) is likely to be higher when the presentation mode is real

did it belong to Sindy, the night-shift staffer who opened it and discovered the cap entitled

individual interpretation, allowing kids to create a secret language only understood by

representing the internal milieu and viscera via chemical and neural pathways

suggests that under the surface of the flag's simple iconic presence are complicated lives

Mr. Johns, who commands by far the highest price of any living artist

why the artist often uses the same typeface, Johns responds 'That's how the stencils come'.

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"Dead Capital" "Sleeping Capital" "Symbolic Capital," © Giles Goodland. From Capital, Cambridge: Salt Publishing 2006. Reprinted with the permission of the publisher.

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