Peter Riley Symposium

The year began with two new Peter Riley volumes, The Day's Final Balance and The Llyn Writings, both gathering together texts from different spans of time. It seemed like a good atmosphere in which different approaches to this body of work could be brought together. It's also seven years since Nate Dorward edited The Poetry of Peter Riley. Happily, a range of different writers proposed quite various contributions, and over the next eleven days there will be a new piece on "Intercapillary Space" every morning. Readers are invited to comment at length or in brief on what they find, maybe writing further pieces to extend the symposium onwards.

[#] Michael Haslam: The Art of Ethical Meditation

[#] Kelvin Corcoran: Alstonefield

[#] David Kennedy: From A Map of Reading Peter Riley's Passing Measures

[#] Tom Lowenstein: Excavation and Contemplation

[#] Gavin Selerie: World Levered on One

[#] James Wilkes: Alstonefield: a journal

[#] Alistair Noon: Ghostly Others on a Ridge-Top Walk: Peter Riley's "Aria with Small Lights"

[#] Peter Hughes: A poem and an essay

[#] Peter Riley: Comment on Michael Haslam's 'The Art of Ethical Meditation'

[#] Sara Greaves: The Coconstitution of Text and Context :
Eco-Phenomenology in Peter Riley's Excavations

[#] Melissa Flores-Bórquez: General Remarks

[#] Edmund Hardy: A few notes in the margins of Peter Riley's Royal Signals

[#] Xtin: Poetical Histories 1 - 4

[#] Afterword


To launch the symposium, "Intercapillary Editions" is pleased to announce #6 in its series of eBooks:

Birth Prospectus. The end of us.

This is a revision of a poem first published in Grosseteste Review X, 1977. Michael Haslam, in his essay for this symposium, writes that: "It stands out, like a mountain peak or a sore thumb. It breaks the rules of several schools of poetry. The poet must have wondered, Am I really writing this?" Peter Riley's comment on Haslam's essay discusses the poem and its revisions.

Free Download at Intercapillary Editions.

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