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The Eye was flicking through the latest Look magazine, and read, in what was almost a throwaway remark, that "pale is back with a vengeance". The immediate context was 50s Americana and where to shop for it on the High Street, yet the triumph of Jonathan Saunders' latest dresses - in blue

and in red, both available from Topshop, suggest that the new pale and its shading (tie-dye effects, tie-dye volume wraps) has become dramatized in a manner which no brief revival of paisley can outstrip. Sunset colours - yellow dress, pink shorts, orange bag - glare out the glam and glitter, leaving space only for neutrals and off-tones.


According to an article on must-have pockets in Tatler magazine, "Choose low, deep, slash or patch pockets - you should be able to fit your whole hand in and touch your thigh with your fingertips." The hand becomes an inner organ, but an active, artificing one, as Hegel saw, "We may say of the hand that it is what a man does, for in it, as the active organ of his self-fulfilment, he is present as the animating soul" - it is not an expression of the inner but rather it opens out a pocket, "for the organ remains in and with the individual."

What The Eye sees for you this week

You must style your hair frizzy during the Aquarian solar eclipse. Saturn is telling you not to ignore emails from old friends. By Wednesday your larger hopes may have been cut down to size; on Thursday see them sprout out again. You are in a secretive mood. A quick dinner with a colleague will turn into breakfast. A copy of Samuel Richardson's Clarissa will pass the time. Be realistic. Don't retreat behind a brick wall. Do join hands with like-minded friends. There's never been a better time to play Handel's 'The Harmonious Blacksmith' on the harpsichord. The proposition is to language what representation is to thought.

Look out for: A branch of Tesco Metro will play a key role this week, if you allow it to.

Baby Cosmo: The Editorial

When a baby is attending a formal occasion, such as a christening, then the watchword is: simplify. Cashmere in a dark blue is a consecrated classic for a reason - it is loved everywhere. In it one can crawl along the floor, wrestle with other babies, and sit in a high chair with one's best bib in place, and not be made to feel that one has "let oneself go". This leaves only a note on footwear. Here there is no room for doubt. Little white boots in glacé leather are de rigeur. Now I have told you all things necessary, though perhaps I have also told you nothing.

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