A Poem By Sophie Seita


A l’origine des parfums se trouve –
The art of seduction.
Grass, eh? La capital mondiale!
Grass grows slowly Here
The tanneries work On the hour. Timely
Scented the leather. Region so charming.
Yes, yes, yes, pretty. Mmhhh...ah/oh.
Reconvene at coach half one. Good
Gift shop round the Restaurant ‘usine’
Évoque la poésie. No?
Now. Create an almost [petit drumroll]
Almost infinite number.
Age-old know-how. [emphasis on age]
More so. Hello, Marguerite.
My favourite. And of. Orange.
Of, an, and. Avec. Blossom.
Who? Also a master glove maker.
Sniff this.

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