Poems by Daniel Tiffany

                                           A List of Transneptunian Objects

But for netting and a scab
and for the bright spot
the molecules revert
to ships and plants.

So much so that fish
may be dried
and fitted with wicks.
A grass may cross the sea.

Still, one is not quite
a stranger to fountains,
to facing what sailors everywhere call
a water ghost,

the very wick of the stowaway kind.

Look, if I had wings
I could lie right here
flying past scenes of the apple,
scenes of the bucket,

over the ropes of all the wells.


If you don't want to talk,
       we won't talk,
I said.  She set fire to the place.

I wonder what's the matter
       now, Tink
just broke her wand on me.

                                                                    Life Jacket

The thing is
those free hits
don’t help.

"I'm Dido, I'm fine, but I need
my purse back.  Please help me look for it.
I can't go home without it."

Not one false note.
At Pooh Corner
the secrets of her silver creed

take back ska,
the whole system of a breach

“Your landlord is awesome and your

clothes are on the roof!”
Hector dances

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